Heartwarming Crochet Scarf

“What more do you need besides a crochet project and some hot cocoa?”
 – ChompCake
In the autumn and winter I have more time to crochet because the sunset comes earlier and the cold and rainy weather keeps me from spending so much time outdoors. Oh and how nice it is to be indoors snuggled next to a fire with a hot beverage and a crochet project!

The cold weather has inspired me to make a few scarves for myself and some family members.  A couple of summers ago when I was beginning to learn how to crochet, my crochet teacher showed me how to make a simple but beautiful scarf. Below is the website where you can find the step by step written directions.
             I was recently in a resale shop and saw some vintage yarn and bought all they had. It was a beautiful bone color. I am using this vintage yarn to make the scarves. The photo below shows the 15 chains.

The hardest part in making this scarf is row 1. Afterwards it is smooth sailing. The photo below shows the completion of row 1.

I keep repeating the directions for row 2 over and over until the crocheted piece measures 55 inches or my desired length. This is my favorite part of the scarf because it is very relaxing to do. I can watch a good movie while I do this or do it while I have a few spare moments between chores throughout the week. The photo below shows several rows of row 2 that have been crocheted. 
Once I have reached my desired length of the scarf, I crochet on the finishing border. The original directions on the scarf have the border going around the scarf once. I think it would also be especially pretty if the border went around the scarf twice adding more volume and fluff to the edging. Lastly, I weave in the end pieces of the yarn. The photo below shows the finished scarf.


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