Enjoying Autumn

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”- Albert Camus

When my kids were still living at home, their favorite season of the year was autumn. The reason for this was that the sunset came early and all outside chores outside were scaled back. In autumn and winter their after school chores were to feed the farm animals, bring in the laundry that had been hung out to dry for the day, and to bring in the night’s firewood and kindling. After supper and homework the kids played board games in front of the fire while drinking big cups of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows or hot apple cider.

I like autumn because it is so nice to finally get some rain and cooler temperatures after a long hot summer. I also love preserving my herbs and the last bit of fruits and vegetables from the garden before winter sets in, and picking pecans that have freshly fallen from huge pecan trees.

Autumn is also a very beautiful time of the year. I love to see the leaves change to bold colors and fall gently down on a windy day. I love walking in piles of fallen leaves on a cool crisp day.

Autumn is not without its chores. I still have firewood to split, leaves to rake, plants to propagate, wine to rack and bottle, and the daily chores of tending to farmyard animals. But with the shorter days I have time to snuggle in front of the fire to crochet and sew a bit. I hope you take time to enjoy the autumn a bit between your chores as well!



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