How to Make Burned Wood Signs

Making burned wood signs is an inexpensive, decorative and informative craft that you can use around your homestead. Wood burning techniques are easy to learn, even for a beginner.

A wood burning kit is inexpensive to purchase. It usually cost around $10 brand new. A wood burning kit includes a pen-like tool that plugs into an electrical outlet, plus several tips that attach to the pen to create different marks. Let the tips cool down before changing them out or use small pliers to change out the hot tips. I rest my hot wood burning pen in an old coffee cup when I am not using it, because it is less likely to be accidentally knocked over.

My wood burning kit came with five tips. It has a grading tip which is used to create a teardrop pattern or to create light and dark shading. It also has a universal tip used to create lines of varying thickness. It has a dot tip which is used for soft details and delicate work. It has a bent fine tip used for creating fine detail work. Lastly, it has a script tip used to create broad lines, curves, and for lettering.

Making burned wood signs allow you to express yourself by creating personalized decor for indoor and outdoor use. You can turn plain wood pieces into stunning objects of art. I personally like to use scrap lumber because it creates a rustic. To help me create a more uniform writing I use letter stencil sheets, which allows me to trace the letters directly onto the scrap lumber. You can keep wood burned signs all natural or add a pop of color by painting the sign or adding other painted artwork.

After selecting the scrap lumber I will use, I trace the lettering with a pencil and then carefully trace over the letters or design with the wood burning tool. I have found that softer woods with minimal grain such as pine are easier to burn. Also try to let the wood burning pen do the work by not forcing it too much because the pressure can bend the hot tips.


Using wood burned signs around the homestead is also informative. I use signs to label names of specific plants such as variety of blueberries or muscadines I have growing in a certain location. I also use signs to convey reminders to guests that the pasture gate must be closed after use due to cows being in the pasture. I also use wood burned signs as whimsical art to convey uplifting messages.

I have really enjoyed making wood burned signs for use on my homestead. They are inexpensive to make, they add a decorative touch in the garden and throughout the farm yard, and they are informative by conveying messages. I hope you are inspired to try this artistic craft!


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