Starting a Fed Up Fund also Known as an F U Fund

Are you fed up? I am!  I spent days working in the corn field; tilling, planting, and watering. I had 1 acre of corn stalks, but when it came harvest time I only had one wheel barrel full of corn! The water pump on my well died, again. We haven’t had rain in over a month. It’s hot and the plants are drying up. Something has been eating my chickens and now I am not getting a nare egg. The pregnant cow died. I do not have peaches to collect this summer because I lost them all in a late frost a couple of months ago. The tomatoes are small this year. I have so many projects that need to get done that I do not know where to begin. I feel so overwhelmed!
Don’t fret, not all is going too bad. I have the most gorgeous and tall grass I have ever seen growing.  This voluptuous grass is growing right smack in the middle of my vegetable garden choking out my okra plants. Aargh!
Do you have days or weeks like this? Do you have days when the chain saw or log splitter won’t start for the umpteenth time?  Days when the cows got out of the pasture and ate your flowers growing beautifully on your patio? If so, you need to start a Fed Up Fund, also known as a FU Fund. This Fed Up Fund is meant to serve as a cash reserve for you to spend when you are fed up of farm life’s annoyances It can be used to purchase a chain saw that actually cranks up on the first pull or to purchase flowers to replace the ones the cows ate. It can also be used to purchase a pitcher of beer along with appetizers at your local in- town restaurant after a long and stressful day around the farm.
The Fed Up Fund also Known as an F U Fund
I use a large repurposed glass jar as my Fed Up Fund and keep it in a prominent spot to remind me to save up for a stressful day when I really need a bit of extra cash. We deposit coins and bills into it when we have leftover cash at the end of the day as well as take out an occasional $20 from the bank and purposely put it into the fund.
The Fed Up Fund is not the same as an emergency fund. An emergency fund should have 3 to 6 months of money to cover living expenses in an emergency to pay for food, shelter, and any monthly bills you have. The Fed Up Fund is a way to save up cash to purchase items that will make life on the farm a bit easier after a tough day. I love living and working on my farm, but sometimes things go wrong and it helps to have a bit of cash.


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