Repurpose a Plastic CD Package into a Paper Towel Holder & Wine Chiller

Today’s prevailing culture has us thinking that it is normal to throw out worn and broken items. We currently live in a society of built in disposability especially in the packaging of products we buy. Take for instance the plastic CD packaging that houses multiples of CDs. After using the CDs we often think little of throwing out the plastic package they came in. Before throwing out used items I try to be resourceful and devise ways to reuse household materials. Inventing new uses for existing items will not only save us money, but will reduce the amount of waste in our land fields.
I recently cleaned my home office and came across a plastic CD package and thought of various ways to reuse this item.

I decided to use the black bottom of the CD case as a paper towel holder since it had a plastic arm in which I could insert the paper towel roll. This additional paper towel holder will go outside near my outdoor sink on my patio so that I can have paper towels handy to clean up really goopy messes.
I then decided to use the top of the CD case as a wine chiller. I really like it as a wine chiller because it is transparent and I can tell what type of wine it is before reaching in to pull out the wine bottle. I often open up several different bottles of wine at once especially if I have a lot of guests and this would come in handy to help hold and chill the wine.

Being frugal, at times I am known to be a tightwad, allows me to live below my income and build a nest egg for a rainy day. I enjoy devising creative new ways to repurpose items destined for the trash. I hope you enjoy this idea!


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