Easy Homemade Butter

I think I made my first butter when I was in second grade. I remember the teacher had us all shaking a glass jar and then spreading this homemade goodness on a saltine cracker. It was the best butter I ever tasted! I didn’t make butter again until I had kids of my own. We made homemade butter almost every year around the holidays. It tasted so good!
Easy Homemade Butter
2 cups of cream
Salt to taste

Into a clean jar I add 2 cups of heavy cream. The size of jar should be large enough so that the cream comes no higher than half the size of the jar.

I add a lid and shake, shake, shake, and shake again. The length of time I shake depends on the coldness of the cream and the vigor of the shake. A room temperature cream takes less time to form into butter than a colder cream. A more vigorous shake takes less time to form into butter than a more gingerly shake.

As I shake the butter I know that the cream is turning into butter because the sloshing sound of the cream gives way to a more of a thudding sound as the cream starts to form into a ball of butter.

Once the butter has formed into a ball I pour off the whey into another clean jar. This whey can be used to substitute for milk in cooking, made into a cool drink, or given to the farm animals.

After I pour off the whey I dump the butter into a colander lined with butter muslin and rinse the butter under cool running water until the water off the butter runs clear.

I put the butter into a clean container and then add salt to taste.This homemade butter is a bit firmer than store bought butter, but the taste is better.


  1. Buying my heavy cream today can't wait to try and make my own butter

  2. Love Butter!! And this is Sooo Easy!!! Can't wait to try this!!


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