We didn’t build our own home ourselves instead it was built in the early 1970’s in a typical ranch style plan. We have remodeled it, but I have always admired the pioneer people building their own home from the ground up. I admired the hard work in saving money to get the supplies to build their own home and then the hard work as they labored to build the house using their own hands to construct their new home. It seemed so picturesque in my mind.
I don’t know who had the idea first, my husband or me, but we thought it would be a wonderful idea to build our own cabin on our land to use as a guest house. We didn’t build the cabin from the ground up; instead we found the cabin in the parking lot of a Home Depot with a mark down, move out of the door, rock bottom clearance price clearly marked on the front of it. It was a demonstration model used to solicit sales, it was a two story 24 by 24 square feet cabin with a $5000 price sticker. We purchased it that day!
Next came the hard part finding someone to move it from the Home Depot parking lot out to our land. Finally we found someone to move it for us. It cost more to move the cabin than to purchase it.
Next came the harder part, building the inside of the cabin. The cabin was just a shell and we had to build walls to make the inside rooms. My husband added the electrical and plumbing. He then added insulation and drywall. And of course when he has a big job to do I am his assistant. When the kids lived at home with us they also were assistants. I swear each of my kids graduated high school already knowing how to lay concrete, cut lumber, lay tile, build frames, build roofs, lay shingles, castrate cows and pigs, dehorn cows, bottle feed motherless calves, slaughter animals, round up a loose 2,000 pound bull, build and fix fences, plant crops and take care of the garden….Why they wanted to move out of town and go away to college when they could enjoy all of these activities I will never understand.
Anyway the kids are away at college and I have moved up to the main assistant. Lately all I have been doing is working in the cabin helping him with the drywall. It seemed easy enough cutting the drywall and screwing it in but now is the time to tape and bed the drywall. Wow it is a lot harder than it looks. I have nightmares trying to get it to look right plus when I sand the dried mud I get covered with tons of dust. It is a tiresome dirty job. I will be glad when it is over.
A View of the Stairway Drywall that I Need to Complete
I cover the scews with the mud and then add the tape at the drywall seams.
This is the first coat of mud which I need to sand down a bit and add another coat.
Another Area Downstairs where I have added the tape and I need to begin adding the first coat of mud.
To help you in your own drywall insulation project I have included a helpful website that helped me.


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