How to Make Muscadine Wine

Wine can be made out of many materials grown on the farm from peaches to berries but, for most people wine comes from the fermentation of grapes. Many people have grapes growing in their backyard for making wine and of course in this part of Texas we are lucky to have native grapes growing wild in the countryside just waiting to be picked. Before the grape varieties of Europe were brought over and planted here, there were already many native American varieties of grape vines growing an abundance of grapes. One such native American variety is the Vitis Rotundifolia, or as it is locally known as the muscadine.
Bottling Muscadine Wine
I made a batch of muscadine wine at the end of summer and bottled it a couple of days before Christmas. Click on the link to find the recipe and instructions on how I made 6 gallons of muscadine wine.


  1. So this is my first attempt at making wine from grapes. I have the desired quantity of grapes and like you recipe; I plan to use this for my first attempt at muscadine wine. But I am somewhat confused on your racking process? You say you rack 3-4 times, until and clear and desired taste. What confuses me is with each racking I assume there is some inherent loss? Most of what I've read on wine making is with each racking, additional wine is added to the carboy to ensure minimal air contamination. You make no mention of this process when you rack? Do you "refill" the carboy to maintain as much fluid level as possible during the aging? And if so, what do you use? Or do you just ignore this and only use the wine currently aging and not worry about the air gap in the carboy? Thx - TXN in MS

    1. I have done it both ways. After racking I have added last year's bottled wine to refill the carboy to minimized the air contamination. But lately I have not refilled the carboy. I have not noticed a taste difference. I make fruit wine which I consume in a year. Since I make it for just personal use I don't worry too much about "refilling" it in the carboy after racking.


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