Make an Emergency Information Sheet

An Emergency Information Sheet

I do not know about you but, I have difficulty thinking and remembering in an emergency. It feels as if everything is going in slow motion and I am sitting in a fog. Once my husband had an accident at home with a power tool and I had to take him to the emergency room. When the nurse asked questions such as his date of birth, his social security number, his regular doctor’s name, medications he was taking, etc... I couldn’t think of the answers. I know the answers to all of those questions on any given sane normal day but, when I was under stress my mind could not grasp onto the answers quickly enough.
After that incident I decided that I needed to make up an informational sheet for each member of my family so that in an emergency I would have that information handy and not have to rely on my failing memory. This informational sheet is kept in a 3-prong folder inside of a sheet protector. The folder is kept in a safe and secure place in my home where I can easily grab it and take it with me in an emergency.
I encourage you to do as I do and make an emergency informational sheet for each member of your family. Make sure to make an informational sheet for yourself as well! It will come in handy when you need that information the most. I have provided a link below to an emergency information sheet that I use for my own family.
Emergency Information Sheet


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