Freezing Pumpkin Puree

I had actually planted some pumpkin seeds back in the summer, but during the drought and pond building I did not have any water to irrigate with so I lost the pumpkins. But lucky me, the pumpkins were on sale after Halloween for $1 each. So I bought all I could.

I have been cooking with it, but I also wanted to freeze some pumpkin for later use. I especially want to use it to make pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and pumpkin bread for the holidays. To freeze pumpkin it is quite simple.
Fresh Pumpkin

First, wash the pumpkin extremely well with hot water. Cut open the pumpkin and remove seeds. Save seeds for a later use. Cut pumpkin into medium size pieces. Place pieces in a large pot with a lid over medium high heat on the stove, or over an outdoor camp fire on a warm day, or inside the house on the woodstove on a cold day. Cook pumpkin until soft.
Pumpkin cut into pieces.
Cooking pumpkin on a woodstove on a cold day.

Remove cooked pumpkin and place on a cutting board. Use a knife to carefully remove the pumpkin rind leaving as much pumpkin as possible intact.

Remove pumpkin rind.

Place cooked pumpkin inside of a large bowl or large pot and use a masher or hand held mixer to puree the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Puree

I then pack pumpkin puree in amounts of 1 pound each into small sandwich size plastic bags and seal out the air.
Weighing Pumpkin to Place into Freezer Bags.

I then place these smaller bags inside of a gallon size plastic freezer bag, seal, and label with contents and date.
Label and date contents of bag before placing into the freezer.
Now when the holidays approach I can easily make desserts using homemade pumpkin puree!


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