Making an Outdoor Sink/ Slaughter Table

Water in the farm yard is a great convenience. It is needed to keep yourself and other farm instruments clean. It is also a great necessity during slaughtering time when caught fish need to be cleaned, when chickens are prepared for the supper table, and when pigs and cows are slaughtered.
As a farmer we are often in need of labor saving devices around the farm to make our work a bit easier. And as usually is the case, it is up to us to make a homemade contrivance to fit our needs around the farm. In this spirit of needing a more suitable area to slaughter animals, my husband made a large outdoor sink and slaughter table.
As the Texas pioneer husband was constructing the outdoor sink/slaughter table I was painting a fence near our new pond. I am a very sequential person; this is the first step, next you do this and finally this is the last step. Not so for the Texas pioneer husband. He is a visual person and a problem solver as he constructs. He may add something to only later remove it because he thought of a better way to do it or it just didn’t look right. So with that in mind I will do what I can to explain how he built the outdoor sink/slaughter table.

The top view of the frame.
The side view of the frame.
Two by four lumber added to reinforce the frame.
Two by four lumber added to hold the weight of the sink plus whatever is in the sink, so it has to be especially sturdy.
My husband made the outdoor sink/slaughter table using 4x4 lumber as the legs of the table, 2x6 lumber was used to frame up the table, and 2x4 lumber was used to reinforce the frame and to hold the weight of the sink. It has to be made sturdy to hold the weight of slaughtered animals. It also needs to be durable and functional.

This side of the sink is higher so that the faucet has a lot of room underneath it for large items that need to be washed.
My husband smoothing out the rough edges of the sink with a grinder.
The sink is placed into the opening made for the sink.
The table top was made out of 2x6 lumber spaced a ¼ inch apart, so that any rain water or water from the sink could drain off the table. The sink was a recycled stainless steel container.

Adding two by six lumber for the table top.
Using deck screws to help in spacing out the lumber for good water drainage.

Trimming around the edge of the sink with lumber to give it a finished look.
After the table was completed we added a faucet that had a hand held water sprayer that could be detached. The sink received water through a water hose from an outdoor spigot.

The top view of the sink.
A closer view of the sink.
My husband drilling a hole in the sink for drainage.

The finished drainage hole.
The front view of the added faucet.

The back view of the added faucet.

Finally, the completed outdoor sink/slaughter table was ready to move outdoors!

We scraped the area clean and left a slope slanting away from the workshop.

We made a 12 feet by 10 feet wide frame for the ground to sit the sink upon.

We added sand that we removed from the pond construction. We pounded the sand down and watered it so that it would compact and make a sturdy surface. Then we added medium sized river rock.

We pushed down the gravel with a 2x4.

We placed the outdoor sink with the help of the tractor on the gravel. We needed the gravel because it gets pretty muddy just standing on the dirt when using large amounts of water.

Top view of the outdoor sink/slaughter table. Notice that a hose connects the faucet to an outdoor spigot.

This outdoor sink/slaughter table is going to come in handy next month when we slaughter the pig!


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