Constructing a Fire Pit

Since the beginning of time people have gathered around a fire to cook, eat, share stories, communicate, huddle for warmth, to relax, and to plan and dream of the future. The crackling sound of the fire, the smoky smell of the wood, and the fire light breaking the darkness of the night is so mesmerizing.
I have a fire pit that my husband built into the patio.  I use that fire pit mainly for outdoor cooking and canning. I also use it in bad weather because that part of the patio has a roof over it.  I do have another fire pit in my backyard that is used, but is not in an ideal location. It is close to my laundry line and I have to put away my laundry if I am going to use it or my clothes will smell smoky. After building the pond we decided to make a new outdoor fire pit near the pond and remove the old fire pit near the laundry line.
Deciding on the location of the new fire pit was not too difficult. We wanted it in an area that gave us a good view of the pond, also it needed to have an easy access to and from the house, it also needed to be a safe distance away from overhanging branches and other structures, and it needed not to be too close to the pond because we didn’t want anyone to accidently fall in to the pond.

The site for the new fire pit.
Once we decided on the location of the new fire pit we had to prepare the ground. The ground that surrounds the new fire pit location near the pond is sand. It is actually the sand that was removed to dig out the new pond. My husband ran over the sand several times with his tractor to compact the sand so that it would be a sturdy surface.
Once we prepared the ground we had to decide how big the fire pit would be, what shape it would be in, and what material we would use to construct it. We wanted the fire pit to be large enough to easily fit 12-16 people around it. We also wanted it to be large enough to burn large fallen limbs and any other large debris that needed to be burnt. We thought the best shape for the fire pit would be a rectangle and we decided the best size for us would be 4 feet by 6 feet. We also decided to use the large and medium size flat rock that was leftover from the construction of the pond culvert as material for the new fire pit.

We used wooden stakes driven into the ground to mark the size of the fire pit. Then we tied rope around the shape to use as a guide to lay the rock evenly in a rectangular shape.
Here is the first layer of rocks laid out. We tried to pick the largest rocks as our fire pit base.
Here is my husband who is handy as a handle on a bucket, laying the next row of rocks.
Here is the final outcome of the fire pit. We did not use any type of mortar to "stick" them together. You could use mortar if you wanted. The home improvement stores also sell a dye that you could use to tint your mortar to match the color of the stones you are using, so that the mortar blends in easily with the color of the rocks. The rocks are laying pretty sturdy on top of one another. If I found a particular rock that seemed wobbly  I simply just replaced it with another or laid it in a different direction.
We have immensely enjoyed the new fire pit. We can’t wait for our friends and family to enjoy it as well!

I love it! It is actually getting a quite of bit of use on the weekends.


  1. That’s really great! You have several fire pits for different purposes, so another one was definitely not out of place. I love that you guys build your own fire pits! I bet your friends will be delighted to gather around your new fire pit to eat and share stories with you.

    Nohemi Tutterrow

    1. I am really enjoying that new fire pit. It is nice to sit around and relax while drinking a hot tea in the winter or a cool glass of wine in the summer. Just sitting there with music playing from my I-phone is wonderfully relaxing after a long day of work.


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