My First Attempt at Making Blueberry Wine

A few weeks ago I went to Echo Springs Blueberry Farm because they were having a sale on their delicious blueberries. bought a 20 pound box of fresh blueberries to make blueberry wine. I have never made blueberry wine before, but I have made homemade wine for five years with peaches, pears and blackberries. I am excited to taste how it turns out!
Necessary Ingredients to make Six Gallons of Blueberry Wine:
17 pounds of blueberries
42 pints of water
10 ½ pounds of sugar
9 teaspoons of acid blend
3 teaspoons of pectic enzyme
3 teaspoons of yeast energizer
1 crush campden
1 package of wine yeast
Vintner’s Method:
Stir in all ingredients except for yeast in a food grade plastic 6 gallon primary fermentor. Use ripe blueberries that are in good condition. Remove any stems and leaves. Wash and drain the blueberries. Place in a bowl and use a drinking glass to smash berries. Add smashed blueberries into nylon straining bag. Tie off the top of the straining bag and place into primary fermentor. Cover primary fermentor with lid.

All ingredients mixed in exept for blueberries and yeast.
I crush the blueberries in small batches using a drinking glass.
The Crushed Blueberries
The Blueberry Wine Fermentating
The blueberry wine in the primary fermentator until it reaches 1.030.

After 24 hours add yeast and stir well. Keep primary fermentor covered. On a daily basis stir wine and press straining bag of blueberries to aid in the extraction of blueberry juice.  Also check daily the specific gravity. When the specific gravity (S.G.) reaches 1.030 in about 5-8 days, strain the juice from the bag. Syphon wine off sediment into a secondary carboy. Attach airlock. When ferment is complete the S.G. has dropped to 1.000. This takes about another 4 weeks. When this S.G. of 1.000 is reached syphon off sedimentary again and reattach lock.  Keep racking every two weeks until wine is clear. Sweeten to taste, re-stabilize, and bottle.
Peach and Blueberry Wine Fermenting
Checking the Color of the Wine
I added stabilizer to the bottom of a clean carboy before racking the wine.
Racking the wine.
Sediment at the bottom of the carboy.
Closer View of the Sediment leftover at Racking Time
Blueberry Wine Ready to go to Refrigerater to Age


  1. I just wanna say that your blog has been coming in extremely handy over the past couple of days! I'm in the process of reading all your posts....I know it will take me a while, but I'd like to read them. So I just want to say thank you!!

  2. I am so glad that you are enjoying this blog! Thank you for your kind words.


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