Freezing Blueberries

For all people who live close to the land they know that there is a time and season for all farming chores. The seasons of the year dictate what chores are needed to be done, spring is the time for planting, summer and fall is the time to gather in the garden harvest, put food by and prepare for the upcoming winter, and winter is the time to do indoor crafts of sewing, crocheting, mending tools, and to plan and dream about the upcoming spring.
It is summer now and I am busy putting food by for winter use. I froze blueberries recently to use in the winter. Freezing blueberries is very simple.
Select ripe blueberries. Remove leaves, stems and any debris. Do not wash blueberries before freezing. You can wash them before you use them in a recipe.
Pack about 2 cups of blueberries into a plastic sandwich size bag and seal out the air.
Place these smaller bags inside of a gallon size plastic freezer bag, seal, and label with contents and date.


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