Making A Blanket Wiith My Daughter

My daughter took a one week break from college and working to spend some time with me so we could do some craft projects this summer before our two week trip to New York. One of the projects we did was to make a blanket.
This blanket used 2 yards of fabric. She picked out two pieces of very soft- to- the- touch material. The material is thick and plush to keep out the winter chill and the softness of the fabric is luxurious.
She was a little hesitant at first in her sewing skills, but she soon shook off the doubts she had and dived right into this blanket project. This is our first blanket to make. Look at the pictures below to see how her blanket came together.
She used stick pins to put the two pieces of material together.
She sewed the two pieces together using a straight stitch with the right side of each material facing outward.

After sewing the two pieces together she cut off the excess material.
She used blanket binding along the edge of the blanket to provide a finished cohesive look. She used stick pins to hold the material in place.
She used the sewing machine to sew a straight stitch to adhere the blanket binding to the edge of the blanket.
She folded the blanket binding at a 45 degree angle and hand sewn the corners for a smooth finish.

Here is the finished blanket! She did a great job!


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