Making Blackberry Wine: Another 3 Weeks Later

It has been about 3 weeks since I siphoned off the sediment and put the blackberry wine into the carboy container and placed it in my refrigerator at the highest temperature setting. The blackberry wine has finished fermenting. I know it has finished fermenting because when I took a specific gravity reading it was 1.000.
At this point I stabilized the wine. To stabilize the wine I added 1 ½ teaspoons of stabilizer to the bottom of a clean and sanitized carboy.
I put the empty carboy on the floor and moved the blackberry wine filled carboy to a counter. To siphon or rack the wine you need to let gravity help you to do the work.  I used a siphon hose. The end where the wine will come out of goes into the empty carboy and the other end that has the siphon pump is submerged into the wine. I hold this end a little from the bottom, so as to not suck up any of the sediment. I then pump it about two times and then gravity takes over and moves the wine from the top container to the carboy container on the floor. I want to pump as little as possible because I do not want to get oxygen into my wine.
Once I rack the wine. I filled up to about within 2 inches of the airlock rubber bung with water. I make sure that the rubber bung is filled halfway with water. I then attach the airlock rubber bung to the top of the carboy and return it to the refrigerator. I will siphon the wine every 2 -3 weeks until the wine in clear for bottling. Look for an upcoming post on how to bottle wine in about 2 more months.


  1. Can't wait to see you soon! Plus I'll be ready tod rink this wine when it's ready.


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