Freezing Squash for Making Pies

Pioneer women shared the strong desire to provide good tasting and nutritional meals for their family. To have something sweet to eat would have been a special treat. Baking of these special treats was usually done on Saturdays and of course Saturday nights was bath nights! Not only did pioneer women contribute to the family’s well being, but some women also found it necessary to make a bit of money by making and selling treats such as bread, pies and cookies.
Me o my! I love pie! I have so much squash in the garden that I have been experimenting with different recipes that uses squash. One of the recipes that I tried this summer was squash pie. I liked it so well that I decided to preserve some of the squash for winter pie making. I hope you enjoy preserving your garden bounty as much as I do.
To preserve squash for pie making wash, remove squash peel, and cut squash into cooking-size.
Cook squash until soft in boiling water.
Remove squash from water and mash.
Measure 1 cup of mashed squash into sandwich size plastic bags. Remove air and seal.
Place squash packed sandwich bags inside of gallon size plastic freezer bag. Remove air, seal, label with contents, and place inside of freezer.


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