Canning Tomatoes

Glory be! The tomatoes are having an amazing year. I have so many tomatoes that I am going to put some of them by for winter use. To preserve them for winter use I am going to can them. This is how I did it:
Day 1
I picked the tomatoes from the plant brought them indoors and washed them.
 I put them a few at a time in a big pot of boiling water until the skins split. I then dipped them in ice cold water.
When they cooled off enough to handle I slipped off the skins.
I removed the core and cut in half. The smaller tomatoes I left whole.
I refrigerated the tomatoes and the water that I blanched them in for use for day 2.
Day 2
Lord have mercy it is a beautiful day outside today in Texas so I am going to be canning tomatoes outdoors today in the back yard underneath some large shade trees. I like to water bath can outside because it does not heat up my house and well let’s face it I am a bit quirky.
I take out the refrigerated blanch tomatoes and let them come to room temperature. They also could be poured back into the blanching liquid and reheated on the campfire. First thing to do is to get the fire going. I use fallen limbs that I gather from around the yard to burn in my fire pit. On top of the fire pit is a metal grate where I will sit my pots. As the fire gets going and builds up heat I wash my water bath canner making sure the pot and lid are both clean. I then fill the water bath canner half way up with water and set it on top of the camp fire so that the water can start heating up. While the water is heating up I washed my jars and lids in hot soapy water.
Then inside of the water bath canner I placed my clean jars and filled them up with more water. This heating will sanitize the jars and keep them hot until I am ready to fill them up.
I put the lids and rims into a smaller pot with water and placed that on the open camp fire to keep them hot until they are needed for canning.
Next I took out the refrigerated water that I used yesterday to blanch the tomatoes in and put it on the camp fire to come to a boil.

Canning Tomatoes Outdoors!

Necessary Items to Can Tomatoes
Oven Mittens, Jar Lifter, Wooden Spoon, Ladle, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Lemon Juice, and Salt
I used wide mouth quart canning jars. Inside of each jar I added 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
I packed the tomatoes into the canning jar and topped off with the hot blanching water leaving a ½ inch headspace.
I removed the air bubbles by using a wooden spoon handle and giving it a bit of stir to mix up the lemon juice and salt.
I wiped the jar rim and added the lid and finger tighten.
I placed the jars into the water bath canner making sure there was at least 1 inch of water covering the top to the jars. I processed the jars for 45 minutes.
After they processed I used my jar lifter to remove them immediately from the hot water.
I placed them on a towel and let them cool. After the jars have cooled make sure that they have sealed properly. The jar lid should be curved downward in the center.


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