Making Peach Wine: Day 2

It has been 24 hours since I have started making a new batch of peach wine. Today I took the lid off of the primary fermenter container, I gave it a good stir with my large plastic food grade spoon, used the spoon to squeeze the straining bag of peaches to aid in the extraction of the juice, added one package of yeast and gave it a good stir again.

The wine has a great aroma. It smells peachy and sweet. The color of the wine is just gorgeous!
For the next four days I will check the wine daily. I will stir the wine, press the peach pulp with my spoon, and check the hydrometer reading. When the hydrometer reads 1.040 I will strain and move the wine to a carboy.
The peach trees are still producing quite a bit of peaches. The only complaint about them is their small size. By the time I remove the peach pit and skin there is not that much left, so that sort of limits what I can do with the peaches. I think I will start a second batch of peach wine when I move this first batch into the carboy next week.


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