Making Peach Wine: Day 1

Making peach wine is a little more labor intensive than making blackberry wine. The reason for that is not the actual wine making but instead it is preparing the fruit to be added to make the wine. With peaches I have to wash them, remove the peach pit, and cut off any brown spots on the peach. After I do this I will weigh out the correct amount of peaches needed. To make 6 gallons of wine I will need 15 pounds of peaches.
I use a clean and sanitized primary fermenter which is basically a 7.5 gallon food grade plastic container that comes with a lid. This size of container allows me to make up to 6 gallons of wine at one time. Inside of this container I add 22 pints of water. To the water I add 12 pounds of sugar which I stir in well with my large 28 inch long food grade plastic spoon.

Next, I add 9 teaspoons of acid blend, 6 teaspoons of pectic enzyme, 1 ½ teaspoons of tannin, 3 teaspoons of energizer, 6 teaspoons of nutrient, and ¼ teaspoon of crushed campden or potassium metabisulphite. I blend these ingredients in well.
Next, I got a nylon straining bag and placed it inside the primary fermenter where all of the other ingredients had been added. I then put the 15 pounds of peaches inside of the nylon straining bag and tied the top of the bag.
At this point I will cover the primary container. It will stay in a corner in my kitchen because it will need to be in a handy place because I will have to be checking it daily for the next few days. In 24 hours I will add yeast. I will also eventually add 20 more pints of water. At this point there just is not enough room for the other water needed. I will add it when I finally remove the straining bag of peaches. Look for Making Peach Wine: Day 2 for the next steps in making this wine.


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