Honey Bees Three Week Check

I was gone 6 days to visit my son in New York. I guess a lot can happen in the bee hive during those 6 days. I saw bees returning to the hive with pollen. It looks like they have been busy.
I decided to remove the super on the hive because the honey bees were building mountain tops to the combs in the hive.
I checked the frames and this is what I saw:
There were a couple of frames that looked like the picture above. There were white wax combs built on the frame. I guess I should have removed them, but they seemed quite large and the honey bees were already storing syrup and pollen in them. I felt like I would set them back if I removed all of this hard work that they did.
I saw on the bottom of the hive a piece of comb that fell off and it looked like there were eggs in the combs.

I removed the tin can of syrup. I moved the division board feeder down to the hive body. I refilled the feeder with sugar water and replaced the top.
At this point I make sure that the feeder is never empty. I keep an eye out to make sure that the queen continues to lay eggs. Once the bees occupy 6 frames I will add a super with frames to give them more room.

Here are some more frames:


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