Sewing a Skirt

Despite my limited and I do mean very limited sewing skills I decided to make my first article of clothing. I bought the book One-Yard Wonders: Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric! I saw a cute skirt on page 135 and decided to take a crack at seeing if I could do it myself.

I located some fabric that I had.
I also located a spool of coordinating thread.

The directions called for ¼ inch elastic, but all I had was ¾ inch elastic, so I just used what I had available.
I located the pattern for the skirt that came with the book. I cut out the pattern.
I placed the fabric with the wrong side facing up. I laid out the skirt back pattern and the skirt front pattern according to the cutting layout described in the book. The skirt layout called for a bias layout with my understanding that a bias cut is cutting at different grain lines for the front and back of the skirt. Well anyway I did my best to layout the pattern as specified in the book and then I cut the material.
I put the two pieces with the right sides touching together. I used stick pins to hold the two pieces together and then stitched the skirt front to the skirt back along both side seams.
I then pressed the side seams open with my iron so that they would lay flat.
To make the waistline casing for the elastic I ironed the top edge of the skirt ¼ inch.
. And then turned it another 1 inch under and ironed that. If I had use the smaller width elastic that the original directions called for I would have not made my waistline case opening so wide. I used pins to hold the waistline casing until I could sew it.
I sewed the edge of the waistline casing closed, but left about an inch open so that I could insert the elastic.
To insert the elastic I put a safety pin at one end of the elastic and pulled it through the waistline casing. I then tried on the skirt and adjusted the elastic so that it felt comfortable at the waist.
I then overlap the elastic by ½ inch and stitched the ends together. I then stitched the casing opening closed.
To hem the skirt I ironed ¼ inch around the bottom edge of the skirt. I folded another ¼ inch and then ironed again. I used stick pins to hold the hem.
I sewed along the edge of the hem and removed the pins.
That was it to sewing my first skirt! I did it! I have worn it two times already. It has also survived being washed and dried. It is a great feeling to be able to sew my own clothes!


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