Picking Blackberries

It is early May and the blackberries are ripening a deep dark black color. In this area of Texas blackberries are native and can be easily grown without much effort.  I have been eating the blackberries right off the vine. They taste delicious! I have also added them to my morning cereal. It looks like the blackberries are going to produce a lot this year. I hope to make 6 gallons of blackberry wine and if there is still quite a bit of blackberries left I will make a few jars of blackberry jam.

I have my own blackberry vines growing in my backyard, but I know of a few places where blackberries are growing wild that I can gather. I will pick both from my yard as well as the native blackberries. The berries that are in my backyard are huge! The native berries are quite a bit smaller. But to have enough to make the wine I will need to gather as much as possible.
I have been gathering blackberries on a daily basis. As soon as I gather them I wash them under cool running water. I let them air dry a bit, place them in plastic resealable bags, and then place in the freezer. As soon as I gather enough berries to make a 6 gallon batch of wine I will defrost them.
To gather the berries I make sure that I wear my boots, jeans, and a long sleeve shirt if possible. Blackberry vines have thorns so you have to carefully pick them. I have tried using gloves to pick the berries, but they get caught up in the thorns and with gloves on it is hard to not squash the delicate berries.


  1. I'll never forget that day I fell into those blackberry vines. Those thorns are pretty painful.


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