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Spring is a good time to take inventory of your food pantry, rotate the food, and buy items to replenish food you have used. It is necessary to have a home food pantry because it allows you to take advantage of sale items. Also having a food pantry allows you to be prepared for an emergency. To help get yourself organized you will need to know what to have on hand in the food pantry. There are no certain things you have to have on hand in a food pantry. What is important is to have on hand what your family will eat. If you are stocking your pantry with dried lima beans and you don’t serve lima beans to your family on a regular basis then most likely no one will eat them unless to prevent starvation. The idea of a food pantry is to not only store food for a disaster but to incorporate these foods in your rotation of what you serve your family. Don’t buy food for a disaster and store it away for the disaster, never to be seen again until the disaster hits. Food in your food pantry is meant to be in your everyday rotation of food. That way the food stays fresh and you are accustomed to cooking and eating the food in your food pantry. The link below will provide a list of food to help you start thinking of what non-perishable foods you would want to add to your food pantry.
Your pantry does not necessarily have to be in your kitchen. If you have room for a pantry in or near the kitchen great!  If not, any closet will work. If you cannot spare a closet for a food pantry then store your dry goods under a bed or in a couple of empty shelves or drawers. My pantry is a closet in my home office. I installed shelves from floor to ceiling. That is where I can store rice, beans, coffee, can goods, and other groceries I find on sale.  I also store extra toothpaste, toilet paper, medicine, bandages, water, paper plates, powder milk and anything else I think I might need during and after a natural disaster.
Food containers for food storage can get quite expensive, so I use recycled milk jugs, soda bottles, coffee cans, and other food grade plastic and glass containers. It is important to store food in containers that will prevent water, insects, or other disasters from ruining your stored food.  Also it will increase the freshness longevity of your food. The link below will provide information on home food storage. It lists the storage longevity for each food type, which will help you in serving quality food to your family.
I buy some items in bulk such as sugar, beans and rice. I store these items in the recycled food containers.
I keep a list of items that I have in my food pantry on the back of the food pantry door. This list is helpful because I can tell at a glance what I have.  I also keep a list of items I need in my food pantry in my wallet so when I am at the store I can keep an eye out to find these items on sale.

I also make sure that I store water in my food pantry to use as an emergency water supply.  The water I store is tap water that has been filtered. I use a Pur water pitcher. The Center for Disease Control recommends storing 1 gallon of water per person per day. They recommend having a 5 day supply per person, which should be enough for drinking, cooking and sanitation. They recommend that water that is stored should be changed out every 6 months to maintain freshness. I use the old water for washing clothes or watering plants. I then re-clean my jugs, check for cracks and leaks, and refill with fresh filtered water. The link below offers more advice on emergency preparedness of food and water.
Remember you are in charge of your own family’s well being during and after a disaster. You cannot depend on anyone else to meet your family’s needs. Prepare before hand and you will be more self-reliant and be in charge of your family’s future.

Take a look to see what is in my food pantry.
I have 5 days of emergency water. Don'f forget that it is important to change water every 6 months.
Tea, Oil, Dried Pinto Beans
Paper Goods, Dried Vegetables, Condiments, Oatmeal, Dry Milk, Juice, Rice
Canned Vegetables, Pasta, Peanut Butter, Canned Soup, Canned Fruit, Sugar


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