Day 1 of Making Blackberry Wine

The first step to making blackberry wine is to have blackberries. I want to make 6 gallons of blackberry wine, so I will need 24 pounds of blackberries. I pick the berries when they are ripened. I remove any stems, leaves, and foreign matter. I wash and drain the berries. I have already done this over several days as I was picking my blackberries. I froze them until I had enough to make the wine, so at this point I am dealing with frozen berries.
I use a clean and sanitized primary fermenter which is basically a 7.5 gallon food grade plastic container that comes with a lid. This size of container allows me to make up to 6 gallons of wine at one time. Inside of this container I add 20 pints of water. To the water I add 13 ½ pounds of sugar which I stir in well with my large 28 inch long food grade plastic spoon.

Next, I add 3 teaspoons of acid blend, 3 teaspoons of pectic enzyme, 6 teaspoons of nutrient, and ¼ teaspoon of crushed campden or potassium metabisulphite. I blend these ingredients in well.

I purchased these ingredients from Austin Homebrew Supply in Austin, Texas when I visit my daughter who attends college in San Marcos, Texas. But I have also had them ship me supplies as well. They are very informative and once when I ran into a wine problem I called them over the phone and they told me how to fix the problem. They are very helpful. The link below will take you right to their website.
Next, I got a nylon straining bag and placed it inside the primary fermenter where all of the other ingredients had been added. I then put the 24 pounds of blackberries inside of the nylon straining bag and tied the top of the bag.
At this point I will cover the primary container. It will stay in a corner in my kitchen because it will need to be in a handy place because I will have to be checking it daily for the next few days. In 24 hours I will add yeast. I will also eventually add 22 more pints of water. At this point there just is not enough room for the other water needed. I will add it when I finally remove the straining bag of blackberries. Look for Day 2of Making Blackberry Wine for the next steps in making this wine.


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