48 Hours After Hiving Honey Bees

48 hours after I originally hived my packaged honey bees I went to check on them again. I noticed right away that the bees were busy bringing in pollen and building inside the hive. They had pollen attached to their hind legs and seemed busy doing their assigned jobs.
 I removed the shipping package that the honey bees came in that was leaning against the hive because all of the bees were out of the package and in the hive. I then checked the queen cage and she was gone. I refilled the sugar water because about 1/8 of the water was gone. I saw about another 15 bees floating in the sugar water. I removed these dead bees.
I am ready for the bees to start constructing their combs and cells and begin filling them up with syrup, nectar, or pollen. I am also anticipating the construction of cells filled with eggs which lets me know for sure that the queen bee is doing her job. I will let the bee hive alone for a few days so that they can feel uninterrupted and get going on their assigned jobs.


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