The Herb Containers

I grow my herbs in containers, because the herbs can easily be taken over by weeds. Also I like to have the containers near my back door so that they can easily be reached when I need them as I cook.

I mixed a potting soil mix with a bit of homemade compost.

I plant a mix of each herb in each container.
I grew basil this year from seeds. It is an annual plant. The basil seeds germinated easily in small pots in the greenhouse. I use basil as a garnish as well as cooked in my recipes. It also could be added to a hot or cold bath for a nice refreshing fragrance.

I grew dill from seeds this year. It seems to me that dill germinated the easiest and most prolific from seeds in my greenhouse. Dill is an annual herb. Dill is used as a garnish and pickling spice.

I grew cilantro this year from seeds. It is an annual plant. The cilantro seeds also germinated easily in small pots in the greenhouse.  Cilantro is my favorite herb. It can be used as a garnish in Mexican foods and blended into salsas. When the cilantro herb goes to seed it produces a seed called coriander which can also be used to spice up your recipes.

I grew sage this year from seeds. It grew easily from seeds inside of the greenhouse. Sage is said to be a perennial herb, but for me it is an annual plant, because I have to plant seeds every year for it to grow in my garden. It can be used in various recipes from pork, chicken, fish, soups and stews. I really enjoy sage in a powder form and adding it to pork to make pork sausage. Sage can also be boiled into a tea to help relieve sore throats.
I tried growing rosemary from seed, but did not have any success. I ended up having to buy small rosemary plants. Rosemary is an evergreen shrub in East Texas. It can be used when grilling chicken, fish and pork. It also can be added to soups, stews and roasts. Rosemary can also be added to a hot bath to aide in relaxation or added to a cold bath to help in rejuvenation. Rosemary can also be boiled into a tea to help soothe an upset stomach or calm nerves.

I planted several small rosemary plants near my backyard patio for easy access for when I am cooking. Also rosemary is very fragrant and doubles as an evergreen shrub.

This is the only mint I was able to salvage from last summer's drought.
I tried growing mint from seed, but did not have any success. I ended up buying small mint transplants. It is a perennial herb. I use mint to make hot and cold “green tea”. We call it “green tea” because of the green color the mint gives off as it is boiled to make the tea. We sweeten the tea with a bit of sugar. We drink lots of mint or “green tea” in the summer months.

I only added these sticks to help deter my chickens from scratching up my newly planted mint. When the mint gets established I will remove the sticks.


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