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My mother sewed almost all of our clothing when we were children. There were 4 children and she sewed pants, dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts for all of us and I am sure she sewed her own clothing as well. She also sewed clothing for my own children when they were younger. My mother even sewed quilts that we used on our beds. I never learned how to sew. I live about 5 hours away from my mother. If I lived closer I would be bugging her to give me sewing lessons this summer.
I do have a sewing machine that my husband gave me about 15 years ago. I have used it a little to make simple hems on curtains, but I have vowed to learn how to sew. One would think there would be sewing classes offered, but I have yet to find one. I think I am going to have to find some books, do some internet searches, and make some phone calls to my mother to teach myself  how to sew.
Well first thing is to get myself acquainted with my sewing machine and learning how to make it work. To do this I pulled out the instruction booklet that came with the sewing machine. I have a Kenmore sewing machine purchased from Sears.

Setting Up and Preparing the Machine for Sewing
   I inserted one end of the plug connector into the sewing machine and the other end to a power supply strip plug. I turned the power on and the sewing light came on.

   I set up the foot control. This foot control regulates the speed of how fast I sew; the more pressure I apply the faster the needle moves.

    The spool pins hold the spools of thread to help feed the thread into the machine. When the spool pins are not needed they can be pushed down for easier storage.

 The thread cutter can be used in place of a pair of scissors to cut thread. After cutting the thread make sure to pull the thread a few inches to the rear of the machine before using again.

Stitch Selector :

Stitch Length Control :

Adjust the Top Thread Tension:

Reverse Stitch Control:

The accessory storage box is a place to store needles, extra presser foots, and bobbins.

  The accessory storage box can be completely removed to insert a sleeve or small opening that needs to be sewn.

  This screw can be loosen to change the presser foot.

The presser foot lever raises and lowers the presser foot so that the fabric can be placed under the foot for sewing.

   This screw can be loosen to change the needle.

  Now I need to prepare the bobbin. Remove the accessory storage box. Open the shuttle cover.

Remove the bobbin case from the shuttle by pulling the open latch of the bobbin case.

Remove the bobbin. If the bobbin is empty of thread, use it. If not, get an empty bobbin.

  Hold the outside knob of the hand wheel with one hand as the other had turns the inside knob toward you. This action keeps the needle from moving as you wind thread around the bobbin.

 Place spool of thread on the spool pin. Pull thread around screw found on top of sewing machine (winding tension disc). Insert thread into empty bobbin by the hole located on top of bobbin. Place bobbin on bobbin spindle. Push bobbin spindle to the right until it clicks.

   Hold thread as you press foot control. Machine will stop when bobbin is filled.

    It is important to push bobbin spindle to the right, because it will not fill the bobbin with thread if you do not.

Now bobbin is filled and ready to use.

    Insert filled bobbin into the bobbin case.  Pull thread into slot of case.

 Pull thread under the tension opening.

     Holding latch open push bobbin case into shuttle and release.   Close the shuttle cover and replace the accessory storage box.

Prepare the top thread by treading tread from the spool pin around the thread guide.

Then thread down and around the tension area.

Insert thread next to thread cutter.

   Finally thread needle from front to back.

  Hold the outside knob of the hand wheel with one hand as the other had turns the inside knob away from you. This action engages the needle.

   Hold this thread loosely with one hand as you use the other hand to rotate the hand wheel toward you.  Bring bobbin thread up by pulling top thread.


    Pull both threads under and to the back of sewing machine about 4-6 inches.

   Machine is now ready to start sewing!
  Now you should have both threads out.


  1. Good luck learning to sew. I get help all the time, but I'm still not any good. It's a difficult task for me.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog! Keep up the awesome work!


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