Fishing For My Supper

The Fishing Spot
I live very close to a creek that feeds into a large river. This past Sunday my husband and I decided to go fishing in this creek. I figured we would be out there about two or three hours without catching any fish like normal. I mean it is not for lack of trying that we do not catch fish. I honestly believe we are unlucky in fishing. We could go fishing and use the same bait as the person next to us and they would catch 5 fish and us 0. We could even be in the same boat as someone else and they would be reeling in the fish hand over fist and us zero.
But after 15 years of being in a fish drought our luck has changed. On Sunday, April 1st in the year of our Lord 2012, a miracle happened. We caught 14, yes 14 fish! On Monday evening we decided to test our luck again. We caught another 5 fish! And then on Wednesday evening we decided to press our luck and went fishing again. This time another 6 fish! Friday 6 fish! Lastly, we went Saturday morning and caught another 5 fish! We are now up to 36 fish caught! We are now unstoppable! I never knew fishing could be so much fun! I usually thought of it as boring and something to endure to appease the husband because he wanted to go fishing. But now how exciting fishing can be when you actually can catch something. We did not do anything different than we normally do when we fish.
Drum Fish
We caught a mixture of catfish and drum fish. They are not huge; they are just the right size for us. I am just thrilled! We have been having fish for supper and we have been freezing fish for later use. Well, I am off to fishing again this morning!
After cleaning and removing the insides of the fish it can be cooked whole.
Or the fish can be cooked with the tail, fins, head and skin removed.
Or fish can be cooked in a fillet method so that all the bones are removed. 
Fried Fish for Supper
Homemade Tartar Sauce
Home Cut French Fries
Sweet Potato Pone to Finish Supper

The fish that I will not eat today will be stored in a ziploc freezer bag filled with water and frozen in the freezer for another supper.


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