April Blooms

Native grasses, plants and wildflowers provide us with a link to our history. They add beauty to the places where we live. They also provide us with food, wood, fuel, medicine, fibers, as well as providing wildlife with a natural food source and habitat. Native plants aid in erosion control as well as improve our quality of air and water. For these reasons it is necessary to continue to care for our native grasses, plants and wildflowers.
Throughout the month of April I have seen many blooms and growth of vegetation. I am sharing some photos of April blooms that have been seen here around the farm.
Crimson Clover
Bachelor's Button

Click on the links below for more information about native plants of Texas.
Texas Wildflowers Information And Pictures

Violet Wood Sorrel

Western Daisy
Creeping Lady's Sorrel
False Dandelion
Water Smartweed
Arrowhead White Clover
Venus' Looking Glass


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