March Blooms

 Look carefully for the honey bees that are enjoying the peach blossoms.

The peach trees are filled with pink blossoms.
Do you see my pig in the background foraging for food?


Across our great nation pioneers looked forward to spring. It was the time of year that the earth seem to awaken from its cold winter. As the earth warms green clover grows and plants begin to bloom. Pioneers welcomed spring with a renewed sense of hope for the growing season. Pioneers of  years gone by as well as today’s farmers and gardeners look upon spring as a new opportunity to grow plants that will help to feed our families and other Americans throughout the year. We hope for rain that will water and fertilize the earth and let our plants grow tall in our gardens and fields.

It seems in Texas we have had a mild winter. But luckily in my part of Texas we have been receiving rain. This precious rain is so vital to help us rebuild our depleted water resources from last year’s drought as well as give our spring plants a good start to begin their growing season. Our plants around our farm have begun to bloom and grow. The honey bees are hard at work collecting nectar and pollen. They are enjoying the peach blossoms as well as the wild flowers that have begun to bloom. With such warm days and good rain we hope for a wonderful growing season.
Wild Flower
Wild Flower
Wild Flower


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