Freezing Bell Peppers

With little access to stores, pioneering women needed to know how to preserve foods. Pioneers took every opportunity they could to preserve food so that they would not encounter food shortages later. The pioneer woman could not waste anything because her family depended on these preserved foods to provide nutrition during the long winters. No matter how simple or how scarce the food was, it was the pioneer woman’s job to keep her family fed. Although pioneers had neither refrigerators nor freezers to aid in the preservation of foods, I would like to share with you how a modern day pioneer woman freezes bell peppers that she found on sale for 25 cents each!
Bell peppers can be easily frozen. They do not have to be blanched like other vegetables before freezing them. Follow the easy steps to freezing bell peppers.
1.     Wash peppers.
2.     Remove stem and seeds.
3.     Cut pepper in half.
4.     Cut pepper into strips.
5.     Lay on a flat baking tray.
6.     Place in freezer until frozen.
7.     Place frozen pepper into freezer bag.
8.     Label with contents and date of preservation.

Green Bell Peppers

Red and Yellow Bell Peppers

Peppers will keep easily for 8-10 months. Peppers can be used in soups, stew, meatloaf and casseroles. Click on link below for more information on how to freeze bell peppers.

Bell Peppers Ready for the Freezer


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