Farmer's Breakfast

When we butcher our pig in the late fall or early winter we always make pork sausage. Making pork sausage is one of my favorite days because we mix our own seasoning ingredients and we cook the freshly made pork sausage right then and there to see if we like it and we sometimes add more spices just to get the taste we enjoy so much.
Before my husband built his own butcher shop on our land we made the pork sausage right in the kitchen. Our children would help us make the sausage and package it up. Their favorite part also was testing the different types of sausages made. Over the years we have made a basic breakfast sausage, chorizo, Southwestern and andouille sausage.
The following recipe is a good hearty breakfast recipe that uses our abundant supply of pork sausage and free range chicken eggs. This recipe feeds 2-3 people. You can easily half, double or even triple the ingredients in this recipe to feed your family or morning guests.
Farmer's Breakfast
½ pound of pork sausage
1-2 potatoes cubed (The number of potatoes used depends on the size of potatoes and also when we were poorer we sometimes had a lot more potatoes to go around than the meat so the potatoes were used to make up for the less meat we had.)
½ onion cubed
1 teaspoon cumin (If you don’t like cumin add sage or thyme or any other spice or spices that will give the flavor you like.)
Salt and pepper to taste
6 eggs
Cheese (Any mixture of cheese will work depending on your taste. I like cheddar with a bit of feta cheese. The amount of cheese depends on how much you have on hand or how cheesy you want to make this recipe.)
I make this breakfast in my Dutch oven or over an open fire, but it can easily be made on a stove top as well.
Start by placing 20 hot charcoal briquettes under the Dutch oven. You can always add or take away coals depending how fast or slow you want this recipe to cook. To the heated Dutch oven add the sausage and let it begin to brown. Cube the potatoes and onion and add that to the sausage. Mix the ingredients together and add the cumin, salt and pepper.  Cover with a lid and let the ingredients cook.
Stir occasionally to prevent sticking and overbrowning. When sausage is thoroughly cooked and potatoes are soft beat 6 eggs in a large bowl and pour over the sausage mixture.

Stir mixture to keep it cooking evenly. Once eggs are cooked remove the Dutch oven from the heat and add cheese. Cover with a lid so that the cheese can melt. Enjoy this hearty breakfast!


  1. This sounds delicious minus the cheese (only because I'm only eating vegan cheese now). Maybe I should bring some with me when I see you. I'm looking forward to visiting.


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