Planting Cool Weather Crops

I have finished planting some cool weather crops sowing them directly into my garden. I planted carrots, spinach, lettuce and radishes. The first thing I had to do in my raised vegetable beds was to hoe it. Since we have been having a very mild winter I have weeds that are flourishing in my garden and I had to remove them and I cultivated the soil a bit and removed as much of the weed roots as I could. I then used a piece of wood that is v-shaped on one end to draw the seed rows to the planting depth that each seed required.
The seeds of carrots, spinach, lettuce and radishes are rather quite small. With the seeds being so small it takes time and patience to get the seeds where they need to be. If you rush yourself you can put too many seeds in an area by mistake. I do not like to waste the seeds so I try to get my seed spacing as accurate as possible. The seed packets give all the directions you need to know what depth to sow the seeds and how far apart the seeds need to be from each other. The packets also give information on how many days it will take the seed to germinate as well as how many days it takes till you should be able to harvest it and bring it to your kitchen table.

I like to label my plants in my garden. I make signs out of recycled lumber and use paint leftover from previous projects. The signs help me to stay organize in the garden because when you are directly sowing seeds in the ground it is easy to forget what seeds you planted where. Also a lot of the seedlings look alike when they first germinate.


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