Sharpening Pruners

It is time to prune trees and vines. The reason I prune is to control the growth of the plant as well as to get rid of dead limbs or vines. I use two sizes of pruners; one large and one that is hand held. To make my pruning easier and to maintain healthy plants I need to have pruners that are sharp.
First, I clean the pruners. I clean them using a clean rag dipped into warm and soapy water.  I then use a clean rag to dry them.
Second, I sharpen them. I use either a file or a sharpening stone. I hold it to the blade at a slightly bent downward position. Next, I make downward strokes along the blade. I then use a rag to wipe off any dust.
Finally, I lubricate them. I use cooking oil, such as vegetable or olive oil. I rub this oil on the blades as well as on any parts that turn.
This year I have a lot of pruning to do to some areas that have been neglected. So my pruners are ready to get to work. Also maintaining my pruners help me to extend their life which saves money on not buying new pruners.

My pruners are 10 years old but they still do a good job.


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