Pruning in the Garden

I have been pruning in and around my garden. I have been pruning my fruit trees (peach, pear and apple) and my blackberry vines. I only prune limbs on my fruit trees and vines that are dead or obviously causing problems such as growing  in a path to where if I was walking in the path I would hit it or if limbs were growing into other plants. I like plants to grow as natural as possible. But, I do know enough about pruning that I know I need to make clean cuts as close to the bark as possible and at a slight angle so that the tree can heal properly.

I have included some pictures that I took after my pruning.
Pruned Apple Tree
Pruned Peach Trees
Pruned Pear Tree
I pruned and trained these blackberries to grow on a fence.

A close up view of how I train the blackberries to grow on a fence. I use twist ties that come on bread bags to hold the limbs of the vines in place.

These blackberry vines were growing way out of control and are not supported by a fence so, I cut them way back. I was nervous about it. Hopefully they will recover.
For more technical information on how to prune see the link below from the Agrilife Extension from the Texas A&M System.


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