Planting Onions

Growing onions from sets, small dry onions, are easy to do. Onions require cool weather to start growing and are frost hardy.  In the area of Texas where I live we can plant onions in January and February.
89 cents for 80 onions
Onion Bed Before
Yesterday I bought onion sets for only 89 cents at Atwoods. For this price I received 80 onions. I planted my onions in a raised bed in my garden. They need to be planted about 1 inch deep and about 3-4 inches apart. Once they are planted I give them a cool drink of water. I will check on them daily, especially the first two weeks, to make sure they are not drying out and are growing as they should be. In a couple of weeks the onions will straighten out and start growing straight instead of leaning to one side.
Onion Bed After
Newly Planted Onion

For more technical information about growing onions, see the link below from the Agrilife Extension from the Texas A&M System. I personally do not use any commercial herbicides at all or pesticides. If I find it necessary to get rid of garden pests I make my own homemade organic pesticides.


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