It is that time of year again where I start to dream about my vegetable garden. I am hoping that this year’s garden is better than last year. Hopefully we will not be in such a stressful drought situation like we were last summer. I am keeping my fingers crossed this growing season!
My walk in unheated greenhouse.

I like to use a greenhouse to start my seeds. Using a greenhouse allows me to get a jump start on my garden. I need this especially since I grow almost 90% of my vegetable garden plants from seed. Growing plants from seed saves a quite a bit of money. My greenhouse is a small unheated walk in green house. It receives full sun all day and therefore stays about 15 degrees hotter than the outside air temperature.
I spent $10.53 for 83 packages of seeds.

Key Points to Remember in Growing Plants in a Greenhouse:
1.     Always plant more seeds than you need because sometimes not all of the seeds will germinate.
2.     Make sure to label your seeds with name of plant and date sown.
3.     Keep the seeds moist but not soaking wet.
4.     Keep up with the weather forecast in case of a freeze so that you can take proper steps to keep your seedlings safe.
5.     Transplant your seedlings out to your garden two weeks after the last date of expected frost in your area.

I spent $10.53 at Atwoods today. The packages of seeds were on sale at .13 cents apiece! I bought 83 packages. The packages included corn, cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin, tomato, squash, zucchini, sunflower, green bean, carrots, bell pepper, peas and basil. I am going to spend this weekend planting them in small pots in my greenhouse!


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