We Slaughtered a Cow

     Yesterday, Wednesday, December 28, we slaughtered a cow so we could have beef for our family for the year. This cow was an 18 month heifer that was born to one of our cows. We estimate that she weighed about 900 pounds. This is our fourth cow to slaughter. We usually slaughter and butcher one cow and one pig every year to feed our family. 

The 18 month old Heifer

We shot the cow with a 22 rifle. We then bled the cow by making an incision on her neck. We hung the cow on the front loader bucket of our tractor. After the cow bled out we removed the hide. We also removed the head and hooves. We removed the cow’s guts and cut the carcass in half. We washed the cow out with water. We cut each half of the cow into three pieces so that we had 6 pieces in total. 
My son removing the cow hide.

My husband made an incision in the neck to bleed the cow.


  The high temperature for the day was 58 degrees F. Granted, it would have been better if the high was only into the forties but, we had time to do it now because of the Christmas holidays. So in order to cool off the beef adequately before we put it into our refrigerators to age, we laid plastic sheeting in the back of our trailer then laid the 6 cow pieces on top of that and covered the beef with about 200 pounds of ice and another plastic sheet.  We drove the trailer into my husband’s workshop so that other animals could not get at it. The beef stayed there all night. The low during the night was 33degrees F.

The next morning my husband and I cut the six chilled beef pieces into smaller pieces so that they could fit into our 2 refrigerators. We bought 2 Frigidaire Convertible Freezer/Refrigerators from Sears. These refrigerators are perfect for us because they are refrigerators and with a flip of a switch they turn into freezers. The beef will age in the refrigerator for two weeks before we cut it up.

Filled Refrigerator #1

Filled Refrigerator #2


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