Heating our Farm House in the Winter

     Our house was built in the early 1970s. The house was constructed with central air blown heat generated by propane along with small propane heaters in each bathroom and of course a brick fireplace. People say that heating your home with propane or natural gas is cheaper than electric heat but, still the price of propane is not cheap to me.
Bathroom Propane Heater

Game Room Fireplace

   We live in an area of Texas where we have abundant trees so I decided to incorporate this bountiful and free resource into becoming more self sufficient into heating our home. My husband bought two woodstoves from our local Tractor Supply Store. He installed one into our bedroom which we use only at night to heat our bedroom, the hallway and the bedrooms of our children. We keep the doors leading to the other rooms closed so as to direct where we want the heat to go. The other woodstove is in our t.v. room, which is used to heat our t.v.room, kitchen and game room. The game room also has a fireplace which we use as additional source of heat on especially cold days. During the days we keep the doors to the bedrooms closed so as to only heat the areas of the home which we are using.

T.V. Room Woodstove
      I enjoy using woodstoves to heat our home. In the winter it gets dark so early that we spend more time indoors. We spend that indoor time sitting next to the fire playing board games, doing a puzzle, or reading a good book. Besides giving off heat the woodstove is an ideal place to place a kettle of water that is heated to provide hot water for apple cider, tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. We tend to drink lots of hot drinks in the winter. Also, we tend to lose electricity in the winter due to ice accumulation so sometimes we cook on top of the woodstove. I have made pancakes and bacon for breakfast and pork chops or a pot of soup for dinner and supper.
Bedroom Woodstove

   On the left top of each woodstove is an Ecofan, which generates hot air by thermal energy. When the woodstove heats up it makes the blades of the fan rotate to produce warm air by blowing air across the top of the heated woodstove. This helps to heat the room faster.


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